VeggieTales: The Good Shepherd

Average rating: 3.5
0 hr 23 min

The Veggies are asked to perform for Mr. Nezzer's mother who is visiting. Performing her favorite story of David and Goliath seems the perfect fit. Mr. Nezzer keeps interfering with the show rehearsal and causes a blackout in the theater.

VeggieTales: The Good Shepherd
VeggieTales: The Good Shepherd


CastDavid Mann, Kira Buckland, Stephanie Southerland, Lisa Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Phil Vischer

WritingPhil Vischer

Directed byGuy Vasilovich

ProductionVincent Aniceto, Laurie Crouch, Matthew Crouch, Leslie Ferrell, Anish Holla, Eric Newman, Tom Newman, Phil Vischer, Todd Waterman