Be Mine

After a shipping mistake fills their Valentine's store with thousands of flowers, Catherine and Jack come up with a plan: have a town-wide valentine's day competition.

Be Mine


Cast: Ashley Newbrough, Jon Cor, Jennifer Higgin, Karen Kruper, Jill Morrison, Brittancy Palmer, Madison Smith

Writer: Danial Nasser, Jack Nasser

Directed By: Tara Cowell-Plain

Producer: Danial Nasser, Jack Nasser, Jacob Nasser, Joseph Nasser, Jon Cor, Chandramohan Nag, Kimberly Wakefield, Roberto Ahumada, Tara Cowell-Plain, Mary E. Fry, Helen Marsh, Drew Ryce, James Shavick, Keith Shaw, Kirk Shaw, Danny Webber


For Hopeless Romantics, Character Building, Workplace, Small Town, Sentimental, Romantic